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Ghost Letter

HIRO OKAMOTO 第20回目の展示は、鈴木秀尚・Kentaro Takahashiによる二人展「Ghost Letter」を開催いたします。 絵画と写真。 この二人がその関係性の中から何を映し出すのか。 網膜に映るもの。 それだけではないことを感じさせてくれるのではないだろうか。

Ghost Letter
Ghost Letter


2024年6月08日 11:00 – 2024年6月23日 19:00

HIRO OKAMOTO, 日本、〒150-0001 東京都渋谷区神宮前3丁目32-2 K's Apartment 103


「Ghost Letter」とは幽霊文字と呼ばれる出所が不明な幻の文字を指す。










Ghost Letter refers to phantom characters of unknown origin.

These characters are said to be the product of typographical errors and noise that got mixed up in the popular JIS Kanji code established in 1978, and 12 of them still exist like ghosts today.

No one knows how to read them or what they are used for, and no trace of their use has ever been found, making their existence doubtful.

Upon further investigation, it appears that the ghost characters were most likely the result of human error in the coding process, such as the accidental merging of different characters or the addition of extra lines.

The story seems to be that these errors were carved into the data and are still there to this day to avoid confusion.

Throughout history, letters have always changed and many words have disappeared. The existence of ghost letters seems to lie between the words that have already been lost and those that are used today.

The ghost letters, which have been mixed in by chance, are like shadows of letters that someone may have drawn in the past.

However, we have no way of confirming the truth. Even if the letters once had meaning, all we have left are their shapes.

This exhibition explores the ambiguity and certainty of memory, of things that do not exist but are familiar to us, through the mediums of painting and photography.

It is an attempt to quietly question how mysterious entities such as ghost characters affect our minds.

ー 二人展詳細 ー

「Ghost Letter」

鈴木 秀尚|Hidetaka Suzuki

Kentaro Takahashi|ケンタロウ タカハシ 

会期:2024.06.08(土) - 06.23(日)

開廊時間:11:00 - 19:00


場所:東京都渋谷区神宮前3-32-2 K’s Apartment 103



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